Date Night on a Budget…

Date night is one of the many things I took for granted before having a baby. There wasn’t much work required to make it happen.  If we wanted to go out somewhere, we’d just up and go and not think twice about it. Things are just a tad different now with Journee (ha!).  Date night takes some planning now that we need a babysitter.  It’s a must though! We need that adult time for ourselves and for our marriage. So yes, it takes some effort but I appreciate it so much more now.

Let me share with you guys some of my favorite budget-friendly date ideas.  I love that my husband is so open to trying different places.  It opens up a lot of options that fit well within our budget.

Happy Hour:

Happy hour is definitely our go-to option. It’s a a great way to check out different bars and restaurants without spending a lot of money. Our ideal place is somewhere with outdoor seating that has deals on food and drinks.  One of our favorite places in Houston is Blanco Tacos & Tequila near Galleria Mall.  They have cocktails for $7, and appetizers starting at $5. There’s one thing on the menu that is a must for me: the queso! It’s amazing!


My Husband and I are very competitive! We actually spent our anniversary this year at Topgolf. We usually go the steakhouse route for those types of celebrations, but we decided to switch it up! Even if you don’t like golf, this place is a lot of fun.  Think of it as a more grown up version of putt-putt. You get to have some friendly competition, along with some really good food and drinks.  If you can, check them out on Tuesdays when games are half off!


I’ve always loved breweries. If you’re looking for something low key, this is the way to go. Houston is home to some great breweries and beer gardens. Our favorite, Saint Arnold Brewery is perfect for our day dates we like to do. No babysitter? Well like most breweries, this place is kid and pet-friendly! There’s a massive outdoor patio and no shortage of great views of the city. If you visit during the week take advantage of their $20 lunch plates that include a drink (FYI the orange show beer is the way to go).

Honorable Mentions:

Discount Tuesdays at the movies

Picnic in the park

Free museum admission day on Thursdays

What’s your go-to for date night? Let me know in the comments!

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