Sprucing Up My Balcony…

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I checked in with you guys. Hope you all are staying safe! Like everyone else, I’m over here adjusting to all the change. I decided since we’re spending so much time at home, this was a great time to spruce up my balcony. It’s something I’ve talked about doing for a while, and I couldn’t think of a better time to do it! I’m literally starting from scratch seeing that my balcony was completely empty before this. I’m not finished just yet, but I wanted to share my progress and some deals I’ve been able to find.

Facebook Marketplace

Over the past year, I’ve been able to find some really great deals off Facebook.  I mean, people are selling pretty much anything you can think of! I actually found this bistro set off there for $65. It was still in the box! You can’t beat that price. Don’t be afraid to make an offer. Marketplace is just an online garage sale. Most people are motivated to sell.  I usually offer less than the price they have listed unless they post that the price is firm; which was the case with the bistro set. Like most sellers, they offered porch pick up so we didn’t have to worry about actually coming into contact with anyone. A win-win!

Before I painted it…


World Market

I’m always so surprised at how much rugs costs. I was hoping to find a black and white rug for under $75, but I wasn’t having much luck. That is until I checked out World Market. I’m actually new to this site.  I knew about it, but never actually shopped there before until recently. I purchased a 6 x 9 floor mat that was on sale for a little for $20. It’s thinner than an actual rug, but it’s perfect for my balcony.  Oh, and shipping is fast!

TJ Maxx and Marshalls have always been my go-to stores, and with them being closed I think World Market is a great substitute.  They have similar, unique items that are reasonably priced. So for all my sad, fellow TJ Maxx shoppers out there, definitely check them out to get your fix. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

A steal at $23


So if you didn’t know, you can now order curbside pick up from Michaels.  I ordered a few things in the morning, and they were available for pick up later that day. You just call when you get there, and they bring your order to your car! My local store has tons of spring decor for half off right now. I snagged the heart-shaped hanging below for 70% off since it was part of their leftover Easter decor, and filled it with some of their 50% off floral garlands. The hanging hexagon shelves are thanks to Michaels as well. I saw a Youtube video recently of someone making these using popsicle sticks and tacky glue.  It was so easy and cheap to make! I added some black and white cardstock to the back to go with my theme. All in all, this cost me less than $10 to make!


Do you guys ever check out the dollar section in Target? It’s right at the front when you come in the store.  You can also shop this section on their website. It’s called the Bulleye’s Playground. I was able to snag two patio pillows for $5 apiece, as well as some little planters for $1.  With most of their pillows costing around $20 apiece, I’m so happy I checked out this section first. There’s definitely some splurge items that I won’t be able to pass on though. I mean, their home stuff is just way too cute!

I love these $5 pillows!

I absolutely love how my balcony is coming along. It’s been a little challenging finding exactly what I want online, but I’ve had pretty good luck so far.  I’m looking forward to when things are back to “normal.” I’m ready to shop at my favorite bargain stores like TJ Maxx and Dollar Tree again. Oh speaking of Dollar Tree, I forgot to mention these hanging shelves are actually some old pencil holders I purchased there awhile ago. They made perfect shelves for my $1 Target planters!

Let me know where you guys shop for your patio decor. I’d love to hear some of your ideas!